Best Friends 1

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August 21, 2017 Like

Description Why is every girl Takumi knows acting so strange lately? His sweet neighbor Mizuki keeps getting flustered around him even though he's known her forever. His new stepsister Saori is always cold to him, although her younger sister Yui tells him Saori is normally cheerful and kind. Cheeky Satsuki keeps teasing him, until the night she suddenly turns up in his room and has her way with him, then swears him to secrecy. On Christmas Eve, he learns that Mizuki has a special Christmas gift for him: her virginity, with a hot blowjob and paizuri tit-fuck too! Takumi should be happy with the beautiful and busty Mizuki, but he can't stop thinking about raven-haired Saori. Will his Christmas be merry after all?