Tsuma Shibori 1

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September 25, 2017 Like

Description College student Kousuke has just been kicked out by his roommate when he sees an angel. At least, that's how Sakura Aoi looks when she appears out of the snowy night. Sakura introduces Kousuke to her younger sister, Madoka Kototsuki, and invites Kousuke to move in, although Madoka doesn't seem too happy about the idea. To Kousuke's surprise, he learns that his father has arranged for him to marry Madoka! But that's only his first shock. That night, Sakura tells Kousuke that she wants to teach her younger sister's betrothed to be a good lover, before giving her future brother-in-law his very first blowjob and paizuri between her massive tits! When Kousuke tells his childhood friend Himeka about his strange new living situation and his reluctant fiancee, the sexy redhead seizes her chance to make Kousuke into a man! Himeka teaches Kousuke to fuck, ending his first time with a nakadashi creampie! With three beautiful women in his life, how will Kousuke ever choose between them?