Only You 1

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October 9, 2017 Like

Description People have been acting strange around Shougo since he moved into his late grandfather's house. First, his grandfather's cute and busty maid greeted him with a sloppy blowjob and fucked him before he even unpacked his bags. The next day, the sexy school nurse gave him a thorough examination that turned into 69ing and hard doggy sex! But not everybody is pleased to meet him. Soccer team captain and school stud Takuya declares Shougo his rival, and the whole student body is shocked when popular and beautiful Ayane-sempai announces she's not happy that Shougo is her fiance. Nobody's more surprised than Shougo, who didn't even know their parents had arranged an engagement! But weirdest of all are the dreams Shougo keeps having about a beautiful raven-haired girl in a kimono. What's going on in this town, and what role does Shougo have to play in the odd happenings?