The Spirit 1

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October 16, 2017 Like

Description The Three Jingi, artifacts that render their possessor the true emperor, have been stolen. Rumors say the locations of the artifacts are written on the back of a beautiful woman in a magical tattoo that only appears when she orgasms. Warrior Yahiro isn't sure where to start looking, either for the Three Jingi or for the green-eyed princess who appears to him in his dreams, offering her pussy to him and asking for his help! One night, a mysterious busty beauty seduces Yahiro, capturing both him and his sexy ninja friend Ran and bringing them to the palace of an evil officer intent on finding the Three Jingi. Things look grim until rescue arrives: the princess from Yahiro's dream! Caught up in the intrigue that threatens their nation, Yahiro and Ran are sent to track down one of the Three Jingi hidden at a shrine. But the beautiful blonde miko shrine maiden may need some persuasion in the form of 69, scissoring, and fucking before she agrees to give it up!