Tsuma Shibori 2

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October 23, 2017 Like

Description Kousuke's fiancee Madoka may not have been happy about her arranged marriage at first, but when she finds out her older sister has been fucking her future husband, her attitude toward her betrothed does a 180! Madoka warns Sakura off, and decides it's time to try out sex for herself. After Kousuke introduces busty Madoka to the pleasures of pussy-eating, the formerly chilly beauty really warms up to her fiance! But not everybody is enjoying the new arrangement. Sakura tells herself that she should be happy Madoka and Kousuke are getting along so well, and getting it on every night, but she finds herself missing his big cock. And Kousuke starts to wonder whether he's picked the right sister... When a one-night anal encounter with his beautiful kimono-clad neighbor puts things in perspective, Kousuke realizes he needs to choose between Sakura and Madoka, once and for all!