The Spirit 2

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November 13, 2017 Like

Description Warrior Yahiro and busty ninja Ran return to Princess Sue with the Fire Mirror, one of three magical items that determine the true ruler of Japan. Sue has a spell that can reveal another, but it will only work if a man and a woman have sex in front of the magic mirror! Luckily, Ran and Yahiro are eager to volunteer. The petite princess and sexy shrine maiden Kureha watch as Yahiro fucks Ran doggystyle, and the hot lesbians get so turned on, they soon start to 69. As Ran and Yahiro cum, the second Jingi appears! But the evil Lord of the Yomi Kingdom wants the artifacts, and he's sending his strongest assassins to steal them. Will the young warriors win the battle and claim all Three Jingi for the side of good?