Willing Slave 1

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November 20, 2017 Like

Description Chubby nerd Satou was used to his boring, unhappy life: bullied by beautiful Nagisa and her boyfriend Akira, looked down on by snobby blonde Himeno, scolded by busty teacher Kaoruko, and overlooked by his cute crush Yuna. But everything changes when his genius inventor father sends him a cell phone that makes women find him irresistible! Satou tests out the phone's powers on his sexy neighbor and before he knows it, she's invited him inside to fuck her! Before long, sweet Yuna is giving him a blowjob in an empty classroom, and even Nagisa offers him her virginity in the locker room! As Yuna fantasizes about an all-Satou gangbang and Himeno plays with her pussy while imagining Satou fucking her in bondage, it looks like Satou's popularity is definitely on the rise!