Princess Double Hunting 1

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January 15, 2018 Like

Description Everything has led Prince Distol to this moment, storming his rival kingdom to take the virginity of Princess Elena! Distol couldn't prevent Bastarauge's invasion of his country, and when the cruel king of Bastarauge announced that Distol's stepsister Princess Qoona was chosen to be a virgin sacrifice, he felt hopeless knowing there was nothing he could do to stop it. But one day, a mysterious elf witch appeared and offered him the power to rescue his stepsister. All Distol had to do was turn Princess Elena of Bastarauge from a pure virgin to a cum-hungry slut... that, and fuck the sexy slim elf to seal their magical bargain with his cum. As Distol slides his cock into Elena's tight virginal pussy, he resolves to do whatever it takes to debauch the beautiful blonde princess!