Willing Slave 2

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December 4, 2017 Like

Description Satou's life has completely changed since his new cell phone started making every girl in school want him. Cute Yuna confessed her love for him, his former bully Nagisa can't get enough of his huge cock, and even stuck-up rich girl Himeno has been dreaming about him every night. Soon Satou is making Himeno's shibari bondage fantasies a reality, even fucking the blonde's posh little ass until she declares herself to be his slave! But his new girlfriend Yuna is getting jealous, so Satou invites her to his house to give her the attention she deserves, including taking her virginity with a huge nakadashi creampie. It won't be long before Satou's new confidence gets him noticed by sexy big-titted teacher Kaoruko-sensei!