Samurai Hormones

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July 30, 2018 Like

Description After the death of his lord, former samurai Hori Monjuurou has no choice but to flee as a ronin with the sacred scroll he was charged to protect. He's pursued by the many factions who want the scroll, including the sexy ninja Shizune, who was sent by her clan to gain the scroll by any means necessary. When her first attack fails, the busty kunoichi tries seduction instead, but she soon finds herself on the rugged ronin's side as his talented dick makes her cum harder than ever before! Hori's work isn't done, but he finds his path blocked by young samurai Kojuurouta, who believes Hori was the one who betrayed their master. The two are set to fight, but Hori discovers Kojuurouta's secret: under the samurai's kimono lies the lush body of a beautiful woman! She asks Hori to take her virginity and pledge his sword and his cock only to her. The question is, which dangerous woman will the ronin choose?