Only You 3

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February 5, 2018 Like

Description Shougo's life turned upside-down when he found out school beauty Ayane-sempai was his fiancee, but it turns out she's not the only one! First, his horny maid Yoko announces that his grandfather promised Shougo to her, and next sexy nurse Mone and cute kouhai Moka turn up and stake a claim to him, too. He thought things were complicated when he only had to see Ayane, Mone, and Moka at school, but now they've all moved in! With all four women under the same roof, it's impossible to get any privacy, and Shougo is still having erotic dreams about a fifth: the ghostly girl in the kimono. Shougo doesn't know what to do until tsundere Ayane, jealous that he's fucked Yoko, Mone, and Moka but not her, decides it's time to prove that she's the true fiancee by offering Shougo her virginity!