Sennin Haruka 2

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August 13, 2018 Like

Description The Jougenshuu, defenders of the light, were weakened by the forces of darkness known as the Noroitou when their best fighter, Haruka the Blade, was taken prisoner. Now apprentice Narika has absorbed the semen of the Heir of the Jougenshuu to gain fighting powers so that she can step forward as a new Blade to rescue Haruka. But when Narika finds her sempai, she's not the way Narika saw her last... The Noroitou's dark magics have worked on Haruka and she's grown a futanari cock! As Haruka tries to seduce her kouhai over to the dark side by fucking all of her holes, Narika seeks for a way to break the spell so she and Haruka can finally fight side-by-side to vanquish the enemy together!